In modern decor, luminaries are widely used for lighting function, but also for important decoration. Furthermore, light is an excellent solution to improve ambient light and create warm atmosphere. When thinking about lighting up your space, don’t forget to use wall lights. Roco’s wall lights come in different shapes and styles, and include spotlights and up/down lights. Today we are going to see how perfectly the wall lights can fit your interior decor needs. Magic Box Magic box abandons the complicated and redundant designs, and only leaves concise lines. This wall lamp has matt black, white, and grey finishes, which give a more contemporary appearance. You can combine two or more boxes, which help to create statement in your modern interior decor.     Mushrooms This wall light was inspired by the mushroom, and normally several lightings with different size and height are used together. It is prepared to be used in more humid atmospheres, making it perfect outdoor sconce. The beautiful shape coupled with soft light recalls us of an interesting grassland camping. Evoke your inner feelings of long absence, or romantic, or gentle and fragrant.