Project Description

GSW 3505 is an interesting exterior LED wall sconce that combines functionality with interesting design. The aluminium frame are easily integrated naturally into environment on outdoor walls, with polycarbonate diffusers inside where the bright LED chips are located.

Available in around and square design, and ideal for installation in many locations around the house or garden. IP54 rated structure provides protection from splashed water.

General Information as Below:  

Material Aluminum
Luminaire Color □ White   ■ Black   ■ Grey
Optional Light Source CREE/LUMINUS
Color Temperature 2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K
Color Rending Index Ra≥80;Ra≥90
Beam Angle 100°
Class I
IP Degree IP54
Model Power Driver Lumen Cree 3000K Beam Angle Size(A*B) Input Voltage
GSW-3505R 5W 250mA 350lm 100° Ø108*105mm 220-240V
GSW-3505S 5W 250mA 350lm 100° 110*108mm 220-240V