Project Description

NGD8112 recessed spotlight is designed in tubular appearance for commercial spaces like shopping mall, hotel and etc. It is available in round/square, single/double/triple heads.

The spotlight body can either be completely hidden into the ceiling and fits flact onto the ceiling, or fully visible to aim it wherever you want. Light heads can rotate 355° and tilt 85° , giving lighting designers maximum flexibility.

General Information as Below: 

Material Aluminum
Luminaire Color □ White   ■ Black   ■ SV
Color Temperature 2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K
Color Rending Index Ra≥80;Ra≥90
Beam Angle 16°/24°/38°
Safty Degree Class III, IP20
Model Power Driver Lumen Cree 3000K Beam Angle Size(A*B*C*Dmm) Cut-out Size Input
GSD8112S-3A 12W*3 300mA 960lm*3 16°/24°/38° 45*200*80*110mm 190*70mm 220-240V
GSD8112S-3B 12W*3 300mA 960lm*3 16°/24°/38° 45*200*80*110mm 190*70mm 220-240V
GSD8112S 12W 300mA 960lm 16°/24°/38° 45*85*85*110mm 75*75mm 220-240V
GSD8112S-2A 12W*2 300mA 960lm*2 16°/24°/38° 45*200*80*110mm 190*70mm 220-240V
GSD-8112R 12W 300mA 960lm 16°/24°/38° 45*110*85mm Ø75mm 220-240V