Project Description

This diecast aluminium exterior LED spike light is perfect for installation among garden to uplight trees, sculptures or architectural features, or simply giving practical light wherever it is needed.

The head of this product tilts up and down allowing you to direct light where it is needed. The detachable spike means this product can also be with the bracket alone throughout the garden.

General Information as Below:  

Material Aluminum
Luminaire Color □ White   ■ Black   ■ Grey
Optional Light Source CREE/LUMINUS
Color Temperature 2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K
Color Rending Index Ra≥80;Ra≥90
Beam Angle 15°/24°/38°
Class II
IP Degree IP65
Model Power Driver Lumen Cree 3000K Beam Angle Size(A*B)
GSG-1303SF 3W 700mA 240lm 15°/24°/38° 66*45mm
GSG-1307SF 7W 170mA 560lm 15°/24°/38° 66*45mm
GSG-1312SF 12W 300mA 960lm 15°/24°/38° 66*45mm
Model Power Driver Lumen Cree 3000K Beam Angle Size(A*B*C)
GSG-1303X (Spike) 3W 700mA 240lm 15°/24°/38° 66*45*50mm
GSG-1307X (Spike) 7W 170mA 560lm 15°/24°/38° 100*66*300mm
GSG-1312X (Spike) 12W 300mA 960lm 15°/24°/38° 100*66*300mm