Project Description

NGD08 LED panel light are very simple in design whilst others make use of spill light to create a trimless effect. With a frosted diffuser covering the LEDs within the panel a low glare, shadow free light is distributed.

Ideal for use in offices and commercial applications for bright, energy efficient, task lighting.

General Information as Below: 

Material Aluminum
Luminaire Color □ White   ■ Black   ■ SV
Color Temperature 2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K
Color Rending Index Ra≥80;Ra≥90
Beam Angle 15°/24°/38°
Safty Degree Class III, IP20
Model Power Lumen Cree 3000K Size (A*B) Cut-Out Size
NGD0808R 8W 640lm Ø95*19mm Ø85mm
NGD0815R 15W 1200lm Ø153*19mm Ø142mm
NGD0822R 22W 1800lm Ø178*19mm Ø168mm
NGD0808S 8W 640lm □ 95*19mm 85*85mm
NGD0815S 15W 1200lm □ 153*19mm 142*142mm
NGD0822S 22W 1800lm □ 178*19mm 168*168mm