Project Description

NGD10 adjutable LED downlight is featured with a low-glare design with deep positioned LED module. It also offers a tilt of 35º and rotation of 355º allowing more choice where the light is directed.

Adpotion with darklight technology provides a uniform and comfortable lights with less glare. The LED downlight is available in matt white, matt black or silver finishes, circle or square shape, perfect for your space. Four coloured reflector are available in White / Black /Grey / gold, which allow you to customise the fitting with different colors to meet your space design.

General Information as Below: 

Material Aluminum
Luminaire Color □ White   ■ Black
Color Temperature 2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K
Color Rending Index Ra≥80;Ra≥90
Beam Angle 16°/24°/38°
Safty Degree Class III, IP20
Model Power Driver Lumen Cree 3000K Beam Angle Size (A*B) Cut-Out Size
NGD-1007R 7W 170mA 560lm 16°/24°/38° Ø83*73mm Ø75mm
NGD-1012R 12W 300mA 960lm 16°/24°/38° Ø108*101mm Ø100mm
NGD-1018R 18W 450mA 1500lm 16°/24°/38° Ø108*101mm Ø100mm
Model Power Driver Lumen Cree 3000K Beam Angle Size (A*B*C) Cut-Out Size
NGD-1007S 7W 170mA 560lm 16°/24°/38° 83*73*76mm 75*75mm
NGD-1012S 12W 300mA 960lm 16°/24°/38° 108*108*105mm 100*100mm
NGD-1018S 18W 450mA 1500lm 16°/24°/38° 108*108*105mm 100*100mm