Galaxy Residence Galaxy Residence's lighting is finished with LED track light and LED downlight. 9W LED downlight is used for general lighting, while 15W LED track light is used for accent lighting.
1FANG Coffee 1FANG Coffee shop is designed with 9W/15W LED dimmable downlight to offer both general lighting and accent lighting. The recessed installation makes the ceiling a very clean looking.
JAXDA JAXDA office is designed with minimising LED lighting solution to create mordern workspace environments.
Best Western Hotel Working with lighting designer, Best Western Hotel rooms are designed with anti-glare LED downlight to create comfortable lighting enviroment.
Hilton Hotel Lobby, corridor and leisure area in Hilton hotel are designed with anti-glare downlight for general lighting
Lätt Liv Lätt Liv is Swedish, meaning “easy life”. By working with lighting designers, LED track spotlights are used to offer both direct and accent lighting.
NOME NOME is a lifestyle brand, and creates practical, Swedish-designed consumer products. Track-mounted spotlights is used both for direct and accent lighting for a focused light-effect, minimising excess lighting of floors.
Mandarin Exhibition Hall Track lighting system is used to display the objects in Mandarin Exhibition Hall
Origin Coffee Origin Coffee Shop is using LED track light for direct and accent lighting, and using LED wall light for decorative lighting.
HELENBERGH ESTATE Apartment in HELENBERGH ESTATE: LED Downlight from Roco Lighting
LAVIE Showroom Track Lighting Sytem is used in LAVIE showroom for accent lighting to display the products.
INMIND OFFICE InMind is a professional headhunting company with internet and creative thinking. Their office are designed with recessed LED downlight and linear light to offer general and accent lighting.