What is DIALux?

DIALux is professional lighting design software developed by DIAL. DIALux is the most popular lighting calculation software used by over 700 000 users worldwide, as it can meet the requirements for most lighting design and calculation indoor or outdoor.

DIALux is available as a desktop version and as a basic mobile app in 25 languages. All versions of DIALux are available free of charge to each user, promoted as a profit model for luminaries manufacturers.

Why use DIALux?

By using DIALux, you will be able to plan the lighting you use in a room, scene or building:

  • Simple, effective and professional light planning
  • Latest luminaire data of the world’s leading manufacturers
  • Latest state of the art software always available free of charge
  • Energy evaluation at the drop of a hat
  • Coloured light scenes with LED or other colour changing luminaires
  • Planning whole buildings including outdoors spaces

With DIALux, you can prepare realistic visualization of photos for your light planning and email them to your customers or upload them to the server. For better realism, the program can use different textures and furniture, and it uses an integrated ray tracing module.

DIALux partner Overview.