Nowadays, the lighting control system is developing in the direction of automation and intelligence. Its flexibility and accuracy are getting higher and higher, while its application is getting wider and wider. Many people think that sensor control and scene control are already “smart”, but do you know what real “smart” is?

What is Smart Lighting?

The essence of smart lighting is the induction, cognition and application by systems. Conventionally, the lights works by turning a switch on or off, or sometimes wired to a dimmer switch. Smart lighting includes the different internet-connected solutions that allow you to remotely manage, control and check on your lighting with your phone, tablet or smart assistant wirelessly. Smart lighting system has become the most important product in the field of Internet, whether in terms of functionality, decoration or energy saving. Smart lighting is under continuous development to meet the needs of people and bring greater convenience for our life.

What are Benefits of Smart Lighting?

The advantages of smart lighting don’t just stop at controlling your lights automatically or remotely. There are other benefits to switching to smart lighting.

Energy Saving

One of the main purpose of using smart lighting control system is to save energy. Under the different “Preset” control modes, the smart lighting control system accurately sets and manages the illuminance according to different times and environments, which to achieve energy saving more than 30%.

Easily Dimmable

Traditional lights require you to use a switch to control the lights — and nothing else. If you want to dim your lights, you need to wire a dimmer switch into your wall. Smart LED lights, however, can be controlled — including dimming — via the app or other smart accessories.

Easily Control to Achieve Various Lighting Effects

Various lighting effects can make the space have a variety of artistic effects. Take a certain project as an example, if the exhibition hall, lecture hall, lobby and so on in the building are equipped with smart lighting control systems, according to their desiring different effects in different times, the corresponding preset scenes are adopted for easy control.

There are still many other benefits for the smart lighting, like convenient management and maintenance, automation, and so on.